Monday, June 14, 2021

The Collossus Of DAO - DAO SOG CARD


 The Colossus Of Dao

DaoSogCard - The Colossus Of DAO

Issued : Wednesday June 15 2016 , Epic card.

In Circulation :  600   ( Click to see distribution of card holders ) 

Card Description :  The Colossus of Dao is empowered during the annual congress of Ether. The Ether knights lend him their magical forces. Holding so much energy, the Colossus is able to withstand all threats.

Artist Impression : Spells Of Genesis artist, taking a leaf from one of the lost wonders of the ancient world - The Colossus Of Rhodes. 

This is an epic card with issues locked at 600 units. Although 600 is the maximum number in existence. The true number will never be known as like Bitcoin owners may have lost passwords or keys.

Legally Everdream Soft owns the copyright to the image, even though others may own copies of the card. The situation is similar to owning a limited edition copy of a book.

DaoSogCard is an epic card and was issued to commemorate the infamous DAO project which was hacked and which lead to the reversal of the Ethereum blockchain to recover hacked funds. This was a very controversial event as the blockchain was suppose to be immutable. It marks a very important part of the history and controversy in blockchain history.  A true collectors item. 


The Marketplace  How Much Is An NFT Worth ? Short article   HERE

DaoSogCard price on the Dex :  Counterparty Dex 

Open Sea :  Opensea  

Opensea is the largest peer to peer marketplace for trading digital assets.

Auction : @nftauctions 

An auction house is the best place for price discovery. Theo Goodman started his telegram site @nftauctions to do this. Sellers send their items to him on escrow and buyers register to bid. This is a trust based system.

A competing auction is also conducted by Bradley Hughes under @roaringauctions



A depiction of the infamous “The DAO” project. The colossus was supposed to be invincible, powered by Ether holders. The artwork was released just a day before The DAO got hacked.

DAO is an abbreviation standing for  “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. Its goal is to create a structure with decentralized control, without people or groups governing the organization. Thus it was trusted to be uncorruptible.

The DAO got very popular and by the end of the funding period, it was the largest crowdfunding in history, having raised over $150m from more than 11,000 backers, far more than expected. In mid-June 2016, an unknown person or group attacked The DAO, exploited a software vulnerability, and started draining Ether, from the main address where it was stored. 


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