Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto and if you are interested in Bitcoin or crypto you should care.

 It is your money!

Who is Bitcoin? 

An early article I wrote in December 31 2015 on the possibility of Craig Wright being Satoshi Nakamoto. This was after watching a panel where Craig spoke via video conference. I wondered then how and why he was chosen to speak but it was from here that the whole Craig Wright / Satoshi Nakamoto affair was set alight.

Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto and does it matter?

I first wrote about this in an article June 24 2017. Hard evidence was not available to prove one way or the other but my conclusion then was that it does matter because if you had a bob each way on the wrong horse you will lose your hard earned money.

Early this year I decided to write about the early blockchain historical NFTs  built on Counterparty. In writing about the Genesis Card, I broached this subject again and concentrated on the events before during and after the creation of the Genesis block. Was it a group or was it just 1 person who launched the genesis block? My conclusion was that it was 1 person or someone would have spoken about their role in it.

Yesterday Kurt Wuckert interviewed Stefan Matthews and many of the early gaps in our understanding on the Bitcoin story is being filled. ( )

If you have skin in this game then it should be evident that as this truth become widely acknowledged and accepted the price of BTC and other cryptos will head south at a corresponding speed. The price of BSV however will experience a pricing event in the opposite direction. This could happen rather quickly as the big money would move first and fast.

Perhaps what we see now in this bear market is a reflection. I give no credence to the China mining nonsense. Miners dropping out temporarily does not affect the BTC blockchain one iota. 

BSV scales today and is already capable of 100,000 transactions per second. Some still promise, others like EOS failed when put to the test. Scaling is not just being fast it is taking on everything that you want to throw at it. BSV can and that is all you need to understand. Everything else is noise.


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