Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Coming Global Recession and BSV

Come Monday ( 24 Feb 2020 ) the whole world will believe that a global recession is upon us. The black swan event that triggers this change in sentiment and perception is Covid 19. We have all now seen the effects of this virus and the toll it has taken on the Chinese economy. What has happened in China will now be repeated worldwide. This is now a pandemic.

Covid 19 is a global pandemic.

The most significant revelation is that the virus is contagious 3 to 5 days after infection and the individual exhibits no symptoms until two weeks later if at all. Individuals have tested negative several times and only to test positive days later. The reason is that the Polymerase Chain Reacion (PCR) test that they use can only detect the virus if the viral load is "significant enough". Under this threshold the test will return a negative reading but the individual is contagious. This was what happened to the testing of health workers. This means that health workers who, presume are tested daily returning negative result but is contagious and infecting everyone they come across in their work until they tested positive.

With the virus spreading within the population two months before it was even identified as a new strain, the virus would have had the opportunity to spread worldwide. Like in China those who were sick outside of China would have assumed that they just had the flu until the world was alerted and they started testing for it.

It is too late. Covid 19 is with us like the common flu. The good news is that for the majority the effects are mild. As to how lethal the virus is, the jury is still out. The best estimate is 1 - 2 % and mostly among the weak and old.

Another interesting observation is that there could be several "flavours" of the virus and that a person can be reinfected with the reinfection being even more serious. This is a nightmare scenario if true. ( There are 4 strains of the Dengue fever virus and immunity from one does not apply to the other three )

World in recession.

GDP output in China is expected to be negative for January and February with the country in quarantine and shutdown. Being the second largest economy, a source for global tourism, investments and a major hub in the global supply chain the whole world is affected.

With this sentiment and perception dawning on the world economy, every country in the world will embark upon fiscal and monetary policies to dampen the effects of the oncoming recession.

Most central banks have been printing money ( monetary policy ) and the result was inflation in assets and stock market. The real economy was largely untouched because a deflationary cycle was occurring in the real economy with products being ever cheaper due to efficiencies, economies of scale and globalisation.

The tables are now turning. Come Monday we could see a crash in the stock market starting in Asia when we expect that company profits will be gravely affected. Money printing in this environment will not prop up the market which means that it may flow into the real economy pushing up inflation.

The problem is that most countries cannot afford inflation and rising interest rates. This only leaves the option of negative interest rates with ever increasing amount of money printing. The world will also be on the fast track to digital currencies as negative interest rates is ineffective without it. Without a digital economy negative interest rates will drive people to take their money out of the banking system.

Money printing and BSV

Money printing will not save the stock market but what about house prices? Presumably money printing in conjunction with negative interest rates should push up house prices. However in countries where house prices have been fueled by investments from China may see a reverse. With China going into inevitable recession the Chinese government may "request" that their citizens bring back money and investments that they have parked overseas.

We may see a movement of money into the crypto markets. This means huge increase in BTC and all cryptos.

Tie into this scenario nation states putting their national digital token on the BSV blockchain because it is the only public blockchain that can scale. This will lead to turmoil in the crypto market as well but BSV will come out the victor. When someone with the stature of Tom Lee from Fundstrat who clearly understands and warms towards BSV we can bet that behind the scenes positive things are happening for BSV.

BSV will emerge the winner

We may see everyone in crypto rejoicing in the short term but this will be short live. BSV will emerge the victor in the end.


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