Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bitcoin and Crypto Currency - The Evolving Landscape

Do not take this post as Investment advise. At best it is how I see the Crypto space after delving in it everyday for the last 4 years. It is clear now that bitcoin would never go to zero more so as adoption increases worldwide and it becomes more mainstream. Investment is all about value and timing, and of us will have different risk appetite.

Today (15/6/2017) total market capitalisation of all crypto coins and tokens is 110 Billion USD. It is actually incredible that something that is purely a result of computer hashing has aquired this amount of value. Over time there will be jostling for relevance and position among all the coins and some will increase in value while others will trend to irrelevance. That said it is becoming clearer how the coin landscape will settle.

The rise of Ethereum, debut of Zcash and finally the resolution of Bitcoin governance will clear the fog. Underlying every coin is it's utility as a currency. Every coin can be used as a currency, as long as there are people out there who are will to accept it in exchange for goods and services. Which coin is used in the transaction will then come down to how well the coins are distributed and how easy it is to transact in that coin.

The main currency coins are Zcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Ethereum is not designed as a currency but more as a smart contract platform. It currently sits on the second spot in market capitalisation, I am skeptical about Ethereum because is it always just one step away from calamity and disaster. After the DAO, I believe that it would be virtually impossible to recover from another hack, code or user error disaster. That it has found a new use in ICO use is commendable but I really do wonder how that much monetary value can be place on an insecure platform. Quite irresponsible maybe even fraudulent and certainly greedy.

Bitcoin is the first and most secure platform. No coin can even come close to Bitcoin's security. However it has a serious flaw, which is fungibility. Bitcoin is pseudonymous. If a bitcoin address can be link an owner, all transaction from that address and owner is open for view and analysis. For most transactions this is not a problem but in the competitive commercial and sovereign sphere this is not acceptable. Other coins such as Monero and Dash aim to fill this function but it will find difficulty in gaining adoption partly because of security but mainly because most of the coins are held in very few hands. Zcash in my opinion will win the title of being the fungible coin.

Bitcoin has a value today of $2600 USD. As the market capitalisation of crypto coins increases and becomes more mainstream this valuation becomes less relevant. Among crypto coins Bitcoin will be the unit of measure and as more people worldwide use crypto rather than fiat the Btc/USD pair will become meaningless as the USD is an inflationary currency and subject to arbitrary devaluations. Bitcoin will become the unit of measure because it is the most secure coin and no other coin can ever come even close to it. Proof of Work (POW) is the only security that matters. Proof of Stake (POS) is just a rich man's game.

Zcash will be used as the high value transnational coin used by large corporation and nations. If I am right it will achieve a value higher than Bitcoin ie x number of Btc. I see this scenario developing because Zcash is a coin designed with privacy and fungibility foremost in mind. More important is the fact that by the way this coin was introduced no one person holds a large stash. It is very widely and thinly distributed. Zcash is the Platinum to Bitcoin Gold.

Over time (4 years) Zero Electric Coin Company will be the largest holder of Zcash. By then I can envisage nations and corporations holding shares in this company. In the meantime Zcash is very easy to mine on CPU's and GPU's. This will guarantee widespread mining adoption and even further distribution of the coin.

Litecoin will prove itself as highly utilised as a development platform. Litecoin is the Silver to Bitcoin gold.

Dogecoin will be the coin for everyday use. It's value is the number of coins in circulation currently around 109 billion and increasing by 10 billion a year. It has a large number of users and adopters already in place starting as a joke and tip coin.  The younger generation will start with this coin and there are also many lite Dogecoin wallets available on smartphones. Dogecoin is the Copper to Bitcoin Gold.

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