Thursday, February 23, 2017

I need bitcoins now. PLEASE HELP!!

Buying some bitcoins is still very difficult. There is still so much to learn and understand about Bitcoin, but as the price is going up daily the panic and need to getting some bitcoins quickly gets more urgent and desperate.

The fastest and safest way to start owning bitcoin is to buy a mining contract from Genesis mining.  You will receive a small amount bitcoins daily into your account.

Right now you can purchase 1 Tera Hash of mining power for $150 USD and you can charge it against your credit card. This will give you 0.00032 Btc a day which is about 38 cents USD. At this rate it will take more than a year to recoup your investment.

However 2 things are happening. 1 The price of bitcoin is still going up and is in a very strong bull phase. This means the bitcoins that are credited to your account will appreciate in value. Secondly as the price increase mining cost decreases which means a bigger payout until the mining difficulty catches up. Thirdly transaction fees are also becoming more significant which improves the possiblity of a higher payout. All these factors means that the payback time will be shorter than you think as long as the bull phase continues. The contract is non terminating meaning that you will continue to receive some bitcoin daily forever. Considering that transaction fees will replace new coins issues, this is possible.

If you want to just purchase cloud mining on Genesis Mining go to this link  Use my affiliate code aOi345 and get 3.5% discount on your purchase. Purchasing cloud mining with your credit card is also a way to convert your fiat money into bitcoins quickly while you figure out other ways like Local bitcoins.