Monday, March 6, 2023

Will The Real Bitcoin Please Stand Up! Please Stand Up! Please Stand Up!

If we define "the real bitcoin" as the original vision laid out in the Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, then yes, a version of bitcoin that conforms completely with the white paper would be the "real" bitcoin.

People may argue that the most important aspect of the "real" bitcoin is the consensus of the community that supports it, rather than any specific technical implementation. Let us examine this concept.

Say I invented and released a coin call Acoin, a great success. After a year another group, without my conscent, forks Acoin and convince exchanges to accept their coin as Acoin and assigned the name Bcoin to my coin! Which is the real Acoin?

Of course my coin is the "Real Bitcoin". It is not appropriate or legal for another group to fork my coin and use the same name without my consent. This could be considered copyright and trademark infringement and other legal violations. The community's acceptance or adoption of the new coin would not absolve the group from their actions.

Suppose I did not reveal my identity when I released Acoin. This will make it difficult for others to determine who is the rightful owner or creator of the coin, and make it easier for someone else to fork the coin and try to pass it off as their own apparently without facing consequences. However, if I can prove that I am the rightful owner or creator of Acoin, I will have legal recourse to protect my intellectual property rights.

Obviously the Real Bitcoin is the one that was created first, and would fully conform to the original white paper. The coin that deviates from the original white paper would be the fork coin. This is important as the fork coin is ILLEGAL. It builds on the original blockchain up to the fork and is therefore infringing someone's copyright. The perpetrators know that they do not own that part of the blockchain, and to removing it will kill their project. The fork coin is an illegal act and the organisers, collaborators and colluders have engaged in and profited from willful infringements. Criminal penalties apply.

Does the community get to decide which coin they prefer or consider to be the Real Bitcoin. Unfortunately for the community, the project was illegal to begin with. It is inevitable that faced with this reality the developers and collaborators will retreat and remove themselves from all and any association with the project. The coin will collapse, the community will be defrauded, and the law must be seen to apply and justice must be seen to be served. This is the reality.

This is why BTC people have put so much resources in debunking Craig Wright as the creator of Bitcoin. It is futile. They have committed and profited from an illegal act. Truth be told, it is irrelevant if Craig is the inventor of Bitcoin. They have willfully committed, profited and continue to benefit from an illegal act.

Had Craig agreed to endorse them and given BTC his blessings, they will be the first to sing his praises and hail him as Satoshi Nakamoto. But Craig is cut from a different cloth and that is their problem. The law will catch up to them sooner or later and they know it.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

BSV - The Guardian Of The Truth

The concept of truth has been a subject of human inquiry for thousands of years. From ancient times, people have sought to understand the nature of truth and how to ensure its safekeeping. Today, as we navigate a world that is increasingly reliant on data, the issue of truth has become more important than ever before. Ensuring the safe and truthful custody of data is essential for maintaining the integrity of our society and its institutions.

Throughout history, people have relied on various methods to uncover truth. In ancient Greece, for example, people consulted oracles to learn about their future. These oracles were believed to have access to divine knowledge and could provide accurate predictions about future events. Similarly, in medieval Europe, people relied on written records to document important events and ensure their accuracy.

As technology advanced, so too did our methods for recording and preserving information. The invention of the printing press in the 15th century made it possible to produce books and other printed materials on a mass scale, revolutionizing the way people consumed information. The rise of the internet in the late 20th century brought about yet another seismic shift in the way we access and share information, allowing us to communicate and collaborate on a global scale.

But with these advances came new challenges. As more and more data is created and shared, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure its accuracy and integrity. In an age of fake news and disinformation, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. And as data becomes more centralized in the hands of a few powerful corporations, like Google and Facebook. Concerns about privacy and data security have become more pressing than ever before.

Blockchain fixes this problem. Because the blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger, there is no single entity that owns or controls it. Instead, the blockchain is maintained by a network of users who all have a stake in its integrity. This means that the blockchain can serve as an arbiter of truth, as the collective agreement of its users ensures that the data it contains is accurate and reliable.

The blockchain provides a transparent and auditable record of all activity. If you print falsehood, you can be identified. This makes it much more difficult for bad actors to manipulate data or engage in fraudulent activity.

From ancient oracles to the printing press to the internet to blockchain, humans have developed increasingly sophisticated methods for recording and preserving information. And with the BSV blockchain capacity to secure large amount of data at minimal costs we have found the ultimate tool for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our data. We create a world where truth is valued and protected, and where data is used for the betterment of society as a whole.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto and Why Does It Matter


Why I believe Craig Wright (CSW) is Satoshi Nakamoto:

CSW possesses a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in programming, cryptography, game theory, mathematics, economics, law, and philosophy - all key skills necessary to create a decentralized digital currency like Bitcoin.

CSW's background as an autistic individual could explain his ability to solve complex problems like the Byzantine Generals problem, a hard problem in computer science.

CSW was in the right age range and had enough life experience to have a deep understanding of the issues he was trying to solve with Bitcoin.

CSW has publicly claimed to be Satoshi and has provided proof that he is the creator of Bitcoin.

I believe that CSW acted alone in creating Bitcoin and that he released it anonymously to prevent it from being stomped on by authorities and to avoid potential legal and criminal problems.

Does it matter if you believe Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Yes, it matters if you believe Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto because it can affect your investment decisions. If you believe he is Satoshi, you may be inclined to invest in the BSV chain.

Hyper Bitcoinization will happen when a country or more officially launch their CBDC on the BSV blockchain. The BSV blockchain is the only one that can scale to accommodate this. Craig Wright has stated that he aims to take BSV to 10 Million transactions per second this year and work towards an unbounded limit. He has also claimed to be working with some countries on this, without naming them.

When Hyper Bitcoinization happens, everyone in the world will suddenly realize the value of BSV and there will be a mad rush to acquire it. The demand will be so great and the supply so limited that the price can double every hour or less. Very few exchanges list BSV and so most will be traded "in wallet" or over the counter. For the majority of people, it will be basically unavailable. This is why it matters if you believe Craig Wright is Satoshi. If you believe he is, you would have acted before Hyper Bitcoinization and it will change your life.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto and if you are interested in Bitcoin or crypto you should care.

 It is your money!

Who is Bitcoin? 

An early article I wrote in December 31 2015 on the possibility of Craig Wright being Satoshi Nakamoto. This was after watching a panel where Craig spoke via video conference. I wondered then how and why he was chosen to speak but it was from here that the whole Craig Wright / Satoshi Nakamoto affair was set alight.

Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto and does it matter?

I first wrote about this in an article June 24 2017. Hard evidence was not available to prove one way or the other but my conclusion then was that it does matter because if you had a bob each way on the wrong horse you will lose your hard earned money.

Early this year I decided to write about the early blockchain historical NFTs  built on Counterparty. In writing about the Genesis Card, I broached this subject again and concentrated on the events before during and after the creation of the Genesis block. Was it a group or was it just 1 person who launched the genesis block? My conclusion was that it was 1 person or someone would have spoken about their role in it.

Yesterday Kurt Wuckert interviewed Stefan Matthews and many of the early gaps in our understanding on the Bitcoin story is being filled. ( )

If you have skin in this game then it should be evident that as this truth become widely acknowledged and accepted the price of BTC and other cryptos will head south at a corresponding speed. The price of BSV however will experience a pricing event in the opposite direction. This could happen rather quickly as the big money would move first and fast.

Perhaps what we see now in this bear market is a reflection. I give no credence to the China mining nonsense. Miners dropping out temporarily does not affect the BTC blockchain one iota. 

BSV scales today and is already capable of 100,000 transactions per second. Some still promise, others like EOS failed when put to the test. Scaling is not just being fast it is taking on everything that you want to throw at it. BSV can and that is all you need to understand. Everything else is noise.

Monday, June 14, 2021

The Collossus Of DAO - DAO SOG CARD


 The Colossus Of Dao

DaoSogCard - The Colossus Of DAO

Issued : Wednesday June 15 2016 , Epic card.

In Circulation :  600   ( Click to see distribution of card holders ) 

Card Description :  The Colossus of Dao is empowered during the annual congress of Ether. The Ether knights lend him their magical forces. Holding so much energy, the Colossus is able to withstand all threats.

Artist Impression : Spells Of Genesis artist, taking a leaf from one of the lost wonders of the ancient world - The Colossus Of Rhodes. 

This is an epic card with issues locked at 600 units. Although 600 is the maximum number in existence. The true number will never be known as like Bitcoin owners may have lost passwords or keys.

Legally Everdream Soft owns the copyright to the image, even though others may own copies of the card. The situation is similar to owning a limited edition copy of a book.

DaoSogCard is an epic card and was issued to commemorate the infamous DAO project which was hacked and which lead to the reversal of the Ethereum blockchain to recover hacked funds. This was a very controversial event as the blockchain was suppose to be immutable. It marks a very important part of the history and controversy in blockchain history.  A true collectors item. 


The Marketplace  How Much Is An NFT Worth ? Short article   HERE

DaoSogCard price on the Dex :  Counterparty Dex 

Open Sea :  Opensea  

Opensea is the largest peer to peer marketplace for trading digital assets.

Auction : @nftauctions 

An auction house is the best place for price discovery. Theo Goodman started his telegram site @nftauctions to do this. Sellers send their items to him on escrow and buyers register to bid. This is a trust based system.

A competing auction is also conducted by Bradley Hughes under @roaringauctions



A depiction of the infamous “The DAO” project. The colossus was supposed to be invincible, powered by Ether holders. The artwork was released just a day before The DAO got hacked.

DAO is an abbreviation standing for  “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. Its goal is to create a structure with decentralized control, without people or groups governing the organization. Thus it was trusted to be uncorruptible.

The DAO got very popular and by the end of the funding period, it was the largest crowdfunding in history, having raised over $150m from more than 11,000 backers, far more than expected. In mid-June 2016, an unknown person or group attacked The DAO, exploited a software vulnerability, and started draining Ether, from the main address where it was stored. 


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