Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Free Bitcoins - Bitcoin Faucets

Yes there are ways to get free bitcoins on the internet. The amounts are small but they are a great way to get new people introduced to bitcoin. These faucets giveaway values may seem small now but years from now when 1 bitcoin is worth $1 million it will seem incredible that anyone would be giving away that much money.

Think that is still ridiculous? Well Gavin Andresen was giving away up to 5 BTC in 2010. Back then it was worth only cents but close to $2000 today.

These links are safe to click and sites are safe to visit.

13 Ways To Earn Bitcoins

Links - Freebits

If you have time to spare try these links Freebits Try not to think of them as cents but satoshis. Their value years from now will be much greater

1) Bitpurge

To use this faucet you need to input your bitcoin address. Advisable to use a new address that is not your main bitcoin wallet. My recommendation is Kryptokit because it sits on your browser bar for easy access.

The faucet gives you 800 satoshis every 8 minutes and you can transfer it to your account balance after solving a captcha. When your balance reaches 10000 satoshis you can transfer it to your bitcoin wallet.

Does not mean that they will pay out!!

2) Zapchain

This is not truly a faucet. Zapchain is a forum powered with bitcoin for tipping. Join a community like bitcoin make submissions and comments and you can earn up to 250 bits. Which is 25000 satoshis.

3) Zebra

Zebra is a site rewarding you for looking at ads.

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