Saturday, August 25, 2018

Heads Up for BET token on Eos Platform

Airdrops are all the rage on the EOS platform but some tokens have not taken the airdrop route. One such token is the BET token from Their first game is Eos Dice and is live on the EOS platform. You will need scatter to play this game and it will demonstrate the power and speed of the EOS platform. Use my link here

In only 4 days, they have had:200,000 bets! 2,350,000 million EOS wagered! This shows the run away success of their game however this figure is mostly due to the way they have rolled out their BET token.

There are a total of 88 million tokens and 10% 8.8 million are being "air dropped" on the dice game at a ratio of 1:5 on bets wagered. The ICO is only available to individuals who can afford to invest 1000 eos tokens at a price of USD 0.20 per token, meaning that for everybody else the only way to get hold of these token is to bet on the dice game, or wait till they list on the exchanges.

I am not a gambling person myself but I found that the best way to get the tokens is to bet at the lowest risk rate of 96. Continuously betting at this return will give you approximately the equivalent of $ 0.20 per token. The idea is not to win but to trade your Eos for BET tokens.

As dice is their first game, we can only conclude that the future is bright for this company and owning BET tokens is ownership of the revenue stream of this business paid out on a quarterly basis.

The BET tokens will also be listed on an exchange soon and I suspect that the price could be much higher than the 0.20 cents charged at the moment.

This is a very risky investment in many ways and as with anything with great risk comes great rewards. Just make sure that you only risk what you can afford.

Oh yes. If you use a referral link you get an extra 0.5% payout and the referrer also gets 0.5% return on your bets for life. Which is why many people are enticing others to use their referral link. This is mine. While the offer is on this is a good bet. It is the only way to obtain BET unless you are a whale.

Without Referral

With referral

If you are not lucky at gambling and you want to get hold of some BET tokens the best way I can think off is to place a constant bet at 96.

This will average out to about 74 rolls,which is about 7 BET tokens. The advantage is that you will be able to receive monthly dividends from the profit that this EOS contract makes forever or until you sell it. Remember that you should increase your expected return by using a referral code. If you use mine, my appreciation and Thans In Advance.