Friday, April 27, 2018

A Heads Up For EOS

I have not posted in a while. This will be a very short post and a heads up to all my readers for EOS.

Why EOS?

1. Dan Larrimer have proven that himself with Bitshares and Steemit that he knows how to build successful platforms. EOS is his third platform and judging from the success and stability of the first two we can have confidence that this will be his best yet.

2. EOS is still in the ICO stage and has about another 30 days to go. Already the price is rising daily. This indicates that whales are starting to take position in this asset. I expect EOS to reach the number 3 spot in market capitalisation before 1 June and to be the number 1 coin before the year is out.

3. One of the main feature of EOS is that Block One funds projects to develop on EOS that will in turn air drop their tokens to EOS holders.You will get so many air drop coins continuously after launch that this pressure will just keep driving the value of  EOS.

4. Anyone who wants to use the EOS platform must own EOS tokens for accessing bandwidth on the platform. This locks up a huge amount of EOS tokens giving scarcity value to the balance of EOS token traded. Owning EOS is like owning real estate in the virtual world.

5. In almost all blockchains, you need to move some token (transaction fees) to make transactions. EOS is different. It is Free To Use. You can see an example of this in Steemit. This is the one feature that will propel EOS to the number 1 coin in the near future. Facebook will never be what it is today, if you have to pay to make post or likes.

6. The most startling statement is that the developer ( Block One ) explicitly states that EOS has no value, not good for anything and no promise of exchanging it for Real EOS tokens. What a statement to make if your aim is to sell something! yet the news around EOS all aims towards it being a real product. So this I see this as an opportunity. It is the reason why the price is not higher. There are many people waiting for more certainty before they invest. The current price incorporates this risk, and with risk is opportunity.

The reality is that this is a legal position taken by Block One. Sort of a nudge nudge, wink wink, " EOS has no value, You know what I mean, huh? " The last thing that you want is for EOS to be deemed a security by some authoritarian jurisdiction like the US and China. The current ICO specifically excludes US and Chinese citizens from participating.

This I find is a good video